How to get abs, new success stories, and updates on what’s next

New and Noteworthy

How To Get Abs In 60 Days (Using Science)

In this ​new video by MacroFactor co-owner Jeff Nippard​, Jeff shows you the most effective, science-based way to get six-pack abs.

He covers the best ab exercises, how many calories you should eat, how much protein you should eat, and what supplements he takes – all in a thoughtful, nuanced manner. Jeff also takes a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when trying to get their abs to show.

Check it out now! Even if you aren’t interested in getting six-pack lean, Jeff gives great advice for abdominal strength training, macro tracking, and more.

Jeff Nippard how to get abs in 60 days
​How To Get Abs In 60 Days (Using Science)

Watch the video >

New Success Stories

We have two new MacroFactor success stories to share with you!

The first is a case study we published on our website last week: ​How Max Used MacroFactor to Prep for a Bodybuilding Show​.

Max used MacroFactor’s smart diet coaching features to lose 20 pounds, get stage-ready, and place 2nd in Classic Physique at his bodybuilding show.

“I think there are a lot of people who think they need a coach to diet down for a bodybuilding show, and I am not discrediting that thought at all,” Max said. “I also think, however, that people don’t realize that the tools are out there for those of us who want to do it ourselves, and MacroFactor is one of the tools that any fitness enthusiast needs to have in their toolkit.”

Max featured image
How Max Used MacroFactor to Prep for a Bodybuilding Show

Read the case study >

We also have a new success story that we shared on our social channels last week.

Mark Evans used MacroFactor to become more disciplined in his eating habits and create a better relationship with food.

“Since I started using MacroFactor, I’ve been able to build better discipline around the food I consume,” Mark said. “I’m not snacking unnecessarily because I’m bored, but actually eating because I’m hungry. I’ve been able to fit into clothes now that used to be tight and uncomfortable. When I do ‘cheat,’ I don’t beat myself up, just know that the next meal/day, I’m back on track and that one blip isn’t going to ruin all my hard work.”

Success Story Mark Evans
How Mark used MacroFactor to lose weight and create a better relationship with food

Learn more >

Recommended articles from the Knowledge Base

We are constantly working on improving the resources available on our Knowledge Base website.

The KB contains tons of helpful how-to articles that walk you through every major workflow and action in the app, and it also features dozens of articles answering other common questions.

This month, we want to recommend four of our most recent articles.

If You Have an Unusual Day of Eating, Is It Better to Log It, or Leave the Day Blank?

You don’t need to be concerned that logging an atypical day of eating will negatively impact MacroFactor’s algorithms. Logging (or estimating) your intake on those days would be our recommendation. ​Read it here​.

Understanding The Widgets At the The Top of The Dashboard

Tips on using and interpreting the Nutrition & Targets, Energy Balance, and Food Log Focus widgets at the top of your dashboard. ​Read it here​.

Tips For Creating Recipes for Dishes Comprised of Multiple Servings

Get the most out of MacroFactor’s recipe builder with these tips for creating a recipe for meals you plan to consume over multiple days. ​Read it here​.

How to Configure Your Food Logger

Learn how to customize the food logger to suit your needs and preferences. ​Read it here​.

In Case You Missed It

We share a lot of informative content on our ​Instagram​ and in our groups on ​Facebook​ and ​Reddit​ throughout the month.

Here are some of our favorites from the past few weeks, in case you missed them.

What We’re Working On

Health Connect: Trading one for the other isn’t too exciting, but we’re happy to let Android users know that we are keeping their health and fitness platform supported. Google has deprecated on-device APIs for the GoogleFit Platform and replaced them in their new and improved Health Connect Platform. We hope to move over quite soon!

Food submission pipeline: On the flip-side, something quite exciting for many, we’re getting close to releasing support for submitting food corrections and new foods to MacroFactor! As a reminder, we’re approaching this a little bit differently than most apps, and submissions will be open source through the OpenFoodFacts initiative. This means that if you decide to contribute any branded product data, you’re contributing to the world, not just to MacroFactor.

To learn more about what we’re working on, check our public roadmap to see our plans for new features and improvements. You can also submit features for consideration and vote on the upcoming features that are the highest priority to you

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