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Track the nutrients that are important to you

page for configuring nutrients in MacroFactor's micronutrient tracker feature

Track the nutrients that are important to you

MacroFactor’s micronutrient tracker (called the Nutrient Explorer) is highly configurable and lets you choose the set of macro and micronutrients that will be present across your nutrition-tracking experiences. 

The included nutrients will appear within the food detail view, the custom food creator, recipe pages, daily nutrition overview, and, of course, the Nutrient Explorer.

Up to eight macro or micronutrients can be pinned to the app’s dashboard. Pinned nutrient tiles let you see your progress toward the micronutrient targets for today, and serve as a shortcut to the Nutrient Focus view which includes information about your intake, nutrient goals, and the daily view of contributing foods.

Set custom goals, or let the app set personalized intake ranges for you

MacroFactor is one of the only apps on the market with dynamic micronutrient goal ranges. The Nutrient Explorer will automatically determine and display the goal floor, target, and ceiling for each applicable micronutrient.

This three-part goal system signals to the user the quantity they should stay above, the target they should strive for to cover all their bases, and the upper tolerable limit to respect based on their individual characteristics and the available body of research.

page showing micronutrient goal screen in MacroFactor's micronutrient tracker feature

Other micronutrient trackers usually display just one target – generally based on RDAs that are designed to meet the needs of 98% of the population.

  • However, RDAs are a fairly high bar to meet, especially with the imprecision inherent to micronutrient tracking, and not everyone in the population requires this precise level of intake for optimal health. 

In MacroFactor, micronutrient RDAs are displayed as the “target” for users, but our micronutrient tracker also includes a goal range with a “floor” and a “ceiling.”

  • The floor represents the lower threshold intake (LTI), which is effectively the inverse of the RDA. 97-98% of people need to exceed the LTI to avoid a nutrient insufficiency.
  • The ceiling represents the tolerable upper intake level (UL), which is the highest intake level that’s very unlikely to cause problems related to nutrient overconsumption.

As a result, the user experiences a larger, more flexible margin for success, and is encouraged to think about their nutrition in a more nuanced, individualized way that empowers rather than overwhelms.

This three-part goal system also aligns with our adherence neutral philosophy

The bottom line

MacroFactor has one of the most comprehensive nutrient goal management systems of all micronutrient tracker apps on the market. 

It lets you set your own floor, target, and ceiling, customize which goal parameters are displayed, and access and edit your unique nutrient goal history.

Easily find and log micronutrient-rich foods from our database of 26,500 research-grade entries

To enable users to have a complete picture of their nutrition, MacroFactor has one of the largest common food databases – with 26,500 micronutrient-complete, research-grade food entries

A large portion of these foods were licensed and incorporated from a premier database that is relied on heavily by the scientific community.

macrofactor's micronutrient-rich, research-grade foods in our database

Access micronutrient intake summaries directly from your food log

nutrition overview page in MacroFactor's micronutrient tracker feature

Access micronutrient tracking summaries directly from your food log

Easily review your historical micronutrient tracking and intake goals with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries accessible directly from the Nutrition Overview page on your food log. 

You can also glean valuable insights by reviewing MacroFactor’s data on the top 3 foods contributing to your intake of each nutrient.

Dive into your micronutrient intake timing and foods contributing to your daily totals

nutrient timing in macrofactor's micronutrient tracking feature

In addition to seeing your top 3 contributors for any macro or micronutrient from the daily Nutrition Overview, you can now drill even deeper into your daily diet.

The Contributors feature orders foods you consumed throughout the day by their contribution to a selected nutrient. It displays the percentage and amount any one food contributed to the nutrient total so that you can understand and modify your food choices if needed.

The unique timeline-style food log offers insights into nutrient timing. This can be particularly useful for athletes trying to optimize protein timing and structure their day around their workouts, or for users trying to become more consistent with hydration.

Review your micronutrient intake at a glance

page for seeing micronutrient intake at a glance in MacroFactor's micronutrient tracker feature

Review your micronutrient tracking data at a glance

MacroFactor can report rich micronutrient tracking data to Apple Health and Google Fit at hour-level granularity.

In addition to using those integrations, you can view intake for any micronutrient directly within the app.

Observe long-term intake trends and how they compare to your goals

Tap on any Pinned Nutrient from your Dashboard or use the Nutrient Explorer to bring up an interactive chart for a nutrient of interest. 

This chart will reflect your intake and display your goal range and how it has changed over time. That means you will be able to visualize your target, floor, and ceiling for both automatically set goals and your own custom goals and observe how they have shifted over time.

Observe long-term intake trends and how they compare to your goals

Observe long-term intake trends and how they compare to your goals​ with MacroFactor's micronutrient charts

Enhance your nutrition with micronutrient tracking

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