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How Max Used MacroFactor to Prep for a Bodybuilding Show

Max Rundlett used MacroFactor’s smart diet coaching features to lose 20 pounds, get stage-ready, and place 2nd in Classic Physique at his bodybuilding show.

Max Rundlett, a 24-year-old amateur bodybuilder, used MacroFactor to lose 20 pounds in 16 weeks and place second in the classic physique division of a bodybuilding show. 

“I think there are a lot of people who think they need a coach to diet down for a bodybuilding show, and I am not discrediting that thought at all,” Max said. “I also think, however, that people don’t realize that the tools are out there for those of us who want to do it ourselves, and MacroFactor is one of the tools that any fitness enthusiast needs to have in their toolkit.”

Before he started using MacroFactor, Max tried other food-tracking apps, but was frustrated by their lack of customization to his unique metabolism and his exercise routine (which includes both lifting and running). 

“I understood the concept of energy in and energy out, and I even tried using other food-tracking apps (MyFitnessPal), but always felt like my body wasn’t being accurately represented by its estimates,” he said. “I successfully used MyFitnessPal to cut 15-20lbs on two or three separate occasions, but it was very difficult at times and I found myself more likely to binge or generally feel like crap. Whether it was my mood or energy levels, I didn’t feel right.”

In December of 2022, Max decided he wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show that coming spring, and he chose MacroFactor as the diet app to guide him to a stage-ready weight.

Max Rundlett bodybuilding

“I was able to track my weight and my calories VERY easily, which made the entire dieting process so much easier,” Max said. “One of the things I was used to with MyFitnessPal was the large database of foods, so one of my concerns with MF was limited label-scanability. However, I rarely had an issue with a food not being in the database, and if it wasn’t, it was easy to add. I also enjoyed creating recipes for meals I regularly made or that were very complex.”

Unlike other apps he’d tried before, MacroFactor kept pace with Max’s changing energy requirements as he dieted down, and he said he felt confident that MacroFactor would make smart adjustments based on the data he entered. 

Max Rundlett's Expenditure and Weight Trend in MacroFactor during his prep for his bodybuilding show

Following the show in May 2023, Max shifted his focus to gaining muscle, and said he packed on about 6 pounds of lean muscle mass in 8 months, while only gaining an additional 11-12 pounds of fat. 

He is currently focused on losing weight again for a possible appearance at the same bodybuilding show that he competed at last year. He hopes to bring a more muscular physique (thanks to his bulking phase last year), and take the top spot this time.

If you’d like to connect with Max, you can find him on Instagram and TikTok.

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