Version 1.2.8 Release Notes

Goals & Macro Program

  • Weight loss/gain goals now allow you to delay goal completion until weight trend reaches the target weight. When your goal is reached using scale weight, the confetti screen will give you the option of continuing until your goal is reached using trend weight.
  • Goal setting logic improvements, mostly minor tweaks, and support for more edge cases.
  • Fixed bug where maintenance chart was not aligning to maintenance goal, and was instead aligning to the current weight when the maintenance goal was created
  • Increased the range of weight where dynamic maintenance would continue to suggest eating at maintenance with no minor course correction.

Charts & Visualizations:

  • Increased y-axis density for weight trend and weight charts.
  • Trackball tap-and-hold information for the nutrition page chart now shows percent macros.

Food Logger:

  • Improved app behavior for logging directly after midnight, and logging in the morning after keeping the app in the phone’s memory overnight.


  • Expanded the set of supported locales for date formatting.
  • Minor typo repairs.
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