New Custom Food features, answers to FAQs, and label scanning

New and Noteworthy

New Custom Food features

This month, we released several new features that enhance and expand MacroFactor’s Custom Food workflow!

In MacroFactor release 2.4.0, you can now set nutrition in label order for any serving, 100g, or 100ml.

Here are some of the improvements you’ll see in the new version:

  • You can now define nutrition for a custom food per serving, 100g, or 100ml, making it easier to create entries for products worldwide.
  • Adding new branded products is now faster and more ergonomic with the option to use label-order for entering nutrition information.
  • We have added a quick way to convert from Salt to Sodium to enable European users to track their Sodium consumption from labels.
  • The custom food wizard will now unfold into a single page during editing workflows, or when a food is created using “Copy to Custom” or “Duplicate” options. This one-page editor makes it easier to tweak existing foods without going through all steps of the wizards.
  • The Custom Food Creator will remember your latest preference for serving style and order of entering nutrition information for when you create new foods.

Learn more about how to create Custom Foods in this recently updated Knowledge Base article: ​Create and Add a Custom Food​.

Knowledge Base articles for FAQs

We also added several great new articles to the Knowledge Base this month that address some common questions.

What Should I Do If My Activity Levels Change Drastically?
You may start a more active job, start a more sedentary job, get injured, increase your training volume, decrease your training volume, or take a deload. This article explains what you should do in those situations.

Should I Still Log My Weight if I Feel Like I’m Bloated, Constipated, or Retaining Water?
MacroFactor’s expenditure calculation is based on your weight trend and energy intake, and weekly coaching adjustments are based on expenditure changes. So, that leads some users to wonder whether they should still log their weight on days when they feel their body weight is atypical and unrepresentative of their “true” weight, due to concerns that doing so will negatively impact their energy intake recommendations. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference.

Will Logging Food to a Future Day Affect my Expenditure and Coaching Recommendations?
If you want to pre-log foods you eat every day, you totally can – foods you log to future days won’t have any impact on your nutrition recommendations until those days are in the rearview. And, if you DO want to pre-log to future days, multi-paste inline can make that much quicker.

Will Logging Food to a Previous Day Affect my Expenditure and Coaching Recommendations?
Short answer: yes, as long as you’re logging food to a relatively recent day

What Should I Do if My Initial Expenditure or Recommended Energy Intake Seems Too High or Too Low?
There are a handful of things you can do or check to make sure your recommendations match your expectations

Why Does my New Program Have Slightly Different Calorie and Macronutrient Targets Than My Old Program, Even Though I Didn’t Change my Goal?
Short answer: new programs are purely calculated based on your current expenditure, but weekly updates include a bit of intelligent smoothing

Does My Data Reset if I Change Goals or Create a New Program?
Some new users feel a bit of trepidation about creating a new macro program or changing their goal, out of concern that doing so will reset their expenditure and coaching algorithms. Rest assured that you can create new programs and change goals to your heart’s content.

In Case You Missed It

We share a lot of informative content on our ​Instagram​ and in our groups on ​Facebook​ and ​Reddit​ throughout the month.

Here are some of our favorites from the past few weeks, in case you missed them.

What We’re Working On

The ​highly requested label scanner feature​ is underway and is entering an internal testing phase with promising early results. Pending a successful testing phase, we hope to share this feature with you soon!

Separately, we’ve added some login screen enhancements that should make re-authentication a smoother experience.

To learn more about what we’re working on, check our public roadmap​​ to see our plans for new features and improvements. You can also submit features for consideration and vote on the upcoming features that are the highest priority to you

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