Health Connect, a look at the research on logging food, and why habits matter

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Health Connect

This month, we released an update to replace Google Fit with Health Connect. Health Connect is the new Android solution for managing your health data, aimed to replace Google Fit (which was deprecated as of May 2022).

What this means for you: If you are using Google Fit, you will need to transition to Health Connect. If you have an active Google Fit integration, MacroFactor will prompt you to sync with Health Connect when you first upgrade.

If you are on Android 14, you already have Health Connect as a system service. Otherwise, when you go to set up Health Connect, you will be taken to Google Play where you can install the Health Connect app.

To learn more, you can ​check out our Knowledge Base article​.

Logging for Loss: A Look at the Research on Logging Food and Weight

Does logging help with weight management? If so, is there a best way or method to maximize its benefits?

If you’re wondering whether your logging efforts have been in vain, ​this new article​ by MacroFactor’s Head of Content Leigh Peele might offer clarity.

It dives into the research behind food and weight logging, discussing elements like frequency and consistency for effectiveness. Lastly, it might inspire a reevaluation of logging, not just for weight loss but also for maintenance.

Logging food and weight for loss
Logging for Loss: A Look at the Research on Logging Food and Weight

Read the article​ >

Why Habits Matter For Goals & Outcomes

​This article by Leigh Peele​ explores the concept of habits, their significance in achieving your goals, and the importance of giving them more attention.

It is the first of five in a series to take the habit conversation to the next level, diving deep into the research on habits while providing actionable steps for meaningful change.

This opening article explores the essence of habits. What is automaticity? How do supportive habits advance our goals, and how can counterproductive ones derail them? Is the hype around habit formation just pseudoscience, or is there substantial merit in aligning habits with our goals? We examine these questions and offer practical “homework” to bridge theory with application.

MacroFactor featured images
Why Habits Matter For Goals & Outcomes

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We’ve also published several utility-focused articles that can help you learn more about how to get the most out of MacroFactor.

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What We’re Working On

We’re still working hard to bring you the food submission pipeline that we mentioned in last month’s MacroFactor Monthly. This huge feature update will allow users to submit new foods (or food corrections) to the MacroFactor database.

The food submission pipeline will give each user the power to improve the MacroFactor database not just for themselves, but for the entire MacroFactor community AND the larger open-source community via our integration with Open Food Facts.

If you want to be the first to hear when the new food submission pipeline is ready, make sure you’re in our communities on ​Facebook​ or ​Reddit​.

To learn more about what we’re working on, check our public roadmap to see our plans for new features and improvements. You can also submit features for consideration and vote on the upcoming features that are the highest priority to you

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