How Adam Completed His First Successful Lean Bulk with MacroFactor

How Adam Completed His First Successful Lean Bulk with MacroFactor

Adam Tripp, 48, used MacroFactor to reach his lean bulk goal while overcoming his fear of seeing the number on the scale go up. Read this case study to learn more about how he set up his diet in the app and his advice for people with similar goals.

Adam Tripp, a 48-year-old retired US Army Warrant Officer, father of two, and senior security intelligence analyst from Nebraska, used MacroFactor to successfully complete a lean bulk and easily track his nutrition and energy expenditure. 

“My biggest win is that I am no longer afraid of bulking,” Adam said. “I am over my fear of seeing the number on the scale go up!”

When Adam started using MacroFactor in November 2021, he’d never successfully bulked before. He trains for powerlifting and had used other nutrition apps for cutting weight and staying at maintenance, but knew that he’d need advanced features like expenditure tracking and weekly calorie updates in order to complete the kind of lean bulk he was hoping for. 

He started at 176.2 pounds in November, and reached his goal weight of 185 pounds in June 2022. 

“The journey took 7 months but it was exactly what I wanted,” he said. Throughout those 7 months, he focused on gaining about 1.5 pounds per month. 

“I loved the fact that MacroFactor used a dynamic TDEE algorithm and constantly updated to keep me on track. My fear was bulking too fast and gaining too much body fat. MacroFactor took that fear away, and I didn’t have to burden myself with manually tracking my trend weight and having to make my own adjustments.” 

Adam shared a few details on how he set up his bulk in MacroFactor: 

  • He used the Coached Program and kept his macros and calorie targets even across all days of the week. 
  • He focused on getting very close to his macro targets each day, and also tracked his fiber intake. 
  • He created a lot of custom recipes for the meals he was preparing. 

“The science behind it seems light-years ahead of the other apps,” he said. “I know that if I give the app data on a consistent basis, it will keep the ship on course.”

In addition to using the coaching recommendations, Adam enjoys the convenience of MacroFactor’s food logger.

He can find foods quickly and easily with MacroFactor’s robust, verified database and barcode scanner.

“Logging with MacroFactor is so much easier,” he said. “The user interface is pleasing to the eye, and ease of use is unrivaled. “

After reaching his first goal, Adam is now bulking to 190 pounds with MacroFactor. 

MacroFactor’s rolling energy expenditure calculation and weekly program adjustments are keeping him on track. 

“The best features for me are the dynamic energy expenditure calculations and the weekly check-ins,” he said. “I am currently bulking at 2993 kcals. I never thought I would be able to eat that many calories and gain at the rate I am.”

To conclude our interview, we asked Adam if he had any advice for other MacroFactor users who have similar goals. 

“My advice for a first bulk with MacroFactor is to use the rate of gain recommended by the app,” he said. “I also learned that a few days of not tracking won’t derail you, and it is OK to trust the entries in the database. I would also recommend asking questions in the Facebook group and using the resources and knowledge available to you.”

If you’d like to connect with Adam and follow his progress, you can find him on Instagram. He also has a Facebook group and Instagram account for his business Free Weights and Freedom, where he helps first responders improve their wellness.

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