Version 2.8.7 Release Notes

We have revamped the goal- and program-setting experiences and aligned their style with our new design system. We have improved explainers in the wizards, strengthened the goal-program narrative, and clarified the relationship between target setting, weight trend, and scale weight. This release also comes with a set of new features and quality of life improvements:

Goal Setting

  • More ergonomic weight and goal rate selection, with added ability to enter precise goal rate targets with a text field
  • More intuitive interface for establishing dynamic maintenance goal
  • New goal summary page to review your goal before creating your new program
  • You can now override the app’s bulking goal recommendations to set a more aggressive rate of weight gain
  • Connected goal & program workflows

Goal Editing

  • New editing experience for coached and manual programs that preserves continuity of your check-ins
  • You can now edit your goal weight in addition to your goal rate
  • We have added the option to reset your collaborative program
  • If you chose to continue pursuing your goal with weight trend after completing it with scale weight, you will be able to leverage the weight trend goal editing mode for the coached program type

Strategy Page

  • If you accidentally create a new goal or would like to revert back to the goal you were pursuing before creating the latest one, you can now reopen your latest goal from the Strategy interface


  • Macro program chart is now more representative of daily calorie shifts
  • Improved chart performance across the entire app
  • Added chart animation

Community Note: The release will gradually roll out to Android and iOS devices. It will take 1-7 days for the update to make it to everyone. After 1 day, any iOS user should be able to manually initiate the update from the App Store.

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