Version 2.5.0 Release Notes

Label Scanner

  • Quickly get Calorie, macro, micronutrient and serving information from labels
  • Choose between US, Non-US and Food Detail inspired labels for visualization
  • If a barcode scan returns no results, MacroFactor automatically switches to the label scanning mode

Customizable Plate Banner

  • You can now customize the information that displays at the top of your plate
  • Choose between a set of utilities, individual macro trackers, and plate preview styles
  • Added a one-tap exit utility for the banner so you can exit the plate without collapsing the bottom sheet first
  • The plate banner can now display 1) nutrition for your plate, 2) total nutrition for your day + the plate, 3) remaining nutrition after considering your plate

Layout Optimizations

  • The food logger now has increased vertical real estate to accommodate the new label scanner and bring more foods into your view while searching
  • Log items button is now within the reach of your thumb for greater ergonomics
  • Quick Add view has been condensed so you can enter nutrition information and see it more easily above the keyboard
  • Custom Foods and Recipes have been grouped together into the Library which is now one tap away from the default search view
  • Improved intuition for sorting custom foods and recipes by aligning sort selection with the sort display
  • The plate view behind the search bottom sheet was revamped to display micronutrients in the same style as the Nutrition Overview from the timeline


  • App-wide performance enhancements
  • Targeted performance improvements for the camera and custom food creator
  • Resolved issue where the workflow for creating a custom food could slow down or freeze
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