Version 2.0.6 Release Notes

Barcode Coverage Expansion

A year ago, we expanded our branded product coverage to include UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland. We also promised that we would look to incorporate more data sources in the future. Today we are happy to announce the completion of Phase 1 for expanding our global coverage. We have incorporated data provided by the Open Food Facts contributors, drastically increasing our coverage in Europe, and worldwide. You can learn more about Open Food Facts and their mission here:

As part of this first phase, coverage was expanded specifically for the barcode scanner. Expansion for search, and more user-friendly utilities for European users are on our roadmap as part of future phases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the expenditure legend typo
  • Broken history items will be cleaned up from users’ history
  • Calorie and macro totals in the top banner will now dynamically update from the plate’s detail view
  • Other minor fixes

Community Note: The release will gradually roll out to Android and iOS devices. It will take 1-7 days for the update to make it to everyone. After 1 day, any iOS user should be able to manually initiate the update from the App Store.

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