Version 1.6.1 Release Notes

Timeline Beta Changes

  • Food log timeline can now be customized to remove the persistent plus button near the hours from Food Timeline Settings
  • Show/hide empty hours icon is now in the top right corner of the food timeline page instead of the collapse/uncollapse icon
  • Redesigned all timeline toolbars to bring more actions within one tap
  • Adjusted spacing between hours and between condensed tiles to optimize vertical space

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect totals for protein, carb, and fat in the food detail view
  • “1pm” is now correctly displayed in the time range selector in Food Timeline Settings
  • Show overages setting now works with the new timeline revamp
  • Squashed bug where a black bar would persist on the bottom of the food log timeline
  • Addressed issue that caused a white screen after editing time for a food
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