Version 1.5.3 Release Notes


  • The new and improved dashboard is out of beta and is now the default experience for new users. Existing users will receive a one-time prompt to upgrade upon logging in; if you dismiss the prompt, the option to upgrade is persistently available from the settings/more page. 
  • You can preview and learn about the new experience here:

New Dashboard

Introducing the Strategy Page:

  • Packaged functionality related to goal setting, programs, and smart dynamic adjustments on the Strategy page to help users control their diet from a single unified interface.
  • Strategy page communicates the status of your check-in, making it easier to plan for the check-in in advance, and re-engage previously silenced check-ins.
  • You can now change your check-in date from Monday to any day of the week.
  • You can now check-in early when your check-in is two or less days away.

Re-imagined Dashboard:

  • The dashboard got a make-over with a new, bold, and modern design.
  • The Nutrition & Targets element was re-designed to make it easier to see targets throughout the week. Choose any day of the week to view nutrition and targets for that day, or unselect all days to view a summary of the week in progress. 
  • Next in the dashboard carousel is the much-requested Energy Balance widget. This widget gives you the insight of how your consumption compares to your targets or expenditure over a meaningful period of time, making it easier to understand the impact of your nutrition on your goals.

Charts, Insights & Data:

  • We gave users more control over their data with the ability to customize their charts directly from the Expenditure, Weight Trend, Goal Progress, Scale Weight and Nutrition pages. Choose between a minified and a full-page chart view and select your favorite time range for each of these dashboard experiences.
  • We now display dynamic summary information for the selected time range for all of the experiences. For example, you can see your average expenditure over the last 6 months, the difference in your trend weight between now and 1 month ago, or even see your average protein intake in grams over the course of last year.
  • Added cluster of change insights to Expenditure and Weight Trend pages.
  • You can now choose between Scale Weight and Trend Weight for visualizing goal progress.
  • In addition to the readout of average you get when scrubbing through charts, we added a complimentary readout on all charts, like the difference between the first and last point.


  • The habits page was completely re-imagined to make it easier to view and manage your data, and more fun to view your streaks and habits over time. 
  • Swap between different data types such as Nutrition, Weight, and Period, view your tracked days for the month, and tap on any day to bring up a rapid method for data entry in-context of the habits page.
  • View new visualizations for your streaks as well as tracked days across the year from the Insights & Data panel on the habits page.
  • Keep track of your fasting days from the Nutrition view on the Habits page.

More from the Dashboard Revamp:

  • Access the utilities you use most often with just one tap from the new customizable toolbar.
  • Added in-app tutorials for all major experiences so you can get more value from MacroFactor’s features.
  • Redesigned the More (settings) page for a smoother experience when customizing MacroFactor.
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