Version 1.3.5-1.3.10 Release Notes

Design Changes

  • Made design changes to Coached, Collaborative, and Manual program pages to align with our new visual style. Collaborative mode now makes better use of screen real estate to set stage for future utilities
  • Redesigned onboarding and included an introduction to explain what expenditure is and how to change your initial expenditure
  • Redesigned profile settings inside the More menu
  • Changed add/edit pages for Habits, Weight, and Nutrition to use the new text field design


  • You can now pinch-to-zoom on the charts for Weight Trend, Expenditure, Nutrition, and Scale Weight
  • The revamped food logger is now the default for all new users

Food Logger Revamp

  • If you are an existing user, you will see an introduction to the new food logging system when you launch the app, with the option to switch over. If you opt in, you will be switched over to the new system with the “optimize for context” logging style enabled by default. This will make your experience very similar to the original plate-based system you are coming from. If you wish to take advantage of our most efficient logging workflows, you can change your food logging style preference to “optimize for speed” in settings. You can choose to stay with the legacy food logger for now, but henceforth, all innovation and new features will be done in the context of the new food logger
  • Simplified plate view by placing the Impact on Day and Nutrition sections below the fold of the page view. You can see both by scrolling down
  • Redesigned the nutrition banner on both the plate and the timeline pages. On the revamped plate, you can now access both total and remaining calories and macros by swiping. We will remember and save your latest selection on each page
  • Performed a consistency pass for all text fields to ensure they behave as you would expect
  • Emphasized recency for smart history items
  • Removed the ability to undo recipe and custom food deletion in favor of a dialog confirmation workflow to prevent accidental recipe and custom food deletion
  • Improved barcode scanning

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the visual bug that caused a large gap between search and food logger results when search is fixed to the top of the page
  • Copying a food with reserved serving units will now default to a generic serving name
  • Fixed the visual bug that transferred values from collapsed custom food sections to uncollapsed sections
  • Fixed the visual bug that made custom food nutrient data disappear after scrolling
  • Resolved issue that caused weight trend page to freeze
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