Version 1.3.4 Release Notes

Macro Program

  • The “calorie floors” have been individualized based on user characteristics to ensure that users with weight loss goals are aiming for sustainable calorie targets
  • Implemented a new strategy to reduce the impact of atypically high or low initial weight values when a new user begins weight tracking.
  • Updated the “low-carb” program logic to ensure that it will reliably function as a nice middle-ground between “balanced” and “keto” programs
  • Refined protein recommendations in the “keto” program logic
  • Improved program recommendations when calories are below the standard floor

Food Logger (Current & Early Preview)

  • Small refinements to smart history
  • Barcode items in history that often take longer to retrieve are now cached for reduced re-retrieval times

Early Preview Food Logger

  • You can now customize the food logging style via Food Logger settings. Optimizing for speed will use the food detail intermediary screen and lead to the most efficient possible food logging workflows. Optimizing for context will default to the prior plate-focused style, where foods are added to the plate before they are edited.
  • You can now customize the layout of the food logger. Optimizing for space will remove the plate totals from the top of the page to reclaim vertical space for the logger. Optimizing for information will keep the plate totals above the search to keep track of current. We recommend that users with short devices optimize for vertical space, while power users who choose to optimize for speed maintain the context of plate totals.
  • You can now customize information presented on food logger tiles in search, custom foods, recipes and the plate by enabling/disabling macro, weight and serving displays.
  • Changed food tile on the plate to simplify editing and access to plate food actions
  • Added logic to prevent accidental double-logging of foods and a loader to indicate when a food is in progress of being added to plate
  • Name fields now use the word by word capitalization feature of the platform keyboard

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed barcode bug that could occur after the create food workflow was initiated after barcode is not found in the early preview
  • Fixed miscalculation of macronutrients for recipe portions in the recipe viewer
  • Food logger timeline editor in settings now displays hours based on users’ preferred units of time
  • Removed the possibility for copy to custom to be populate a custom food with a reserved/invalid serving name
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