Version 1.3.13 Release Notes

New Food Logger

  • Introduced Time Logging Options into Food Logger Settings. You can now switch between a Date Time Picker and a Time Pad for choosing time directly from the plate.
  • Remaining banner on the Timeline and Plate will now highlight the remaining section of the progress bar.
  • Log Items and Log to Time icon will now appear on top of the keyboard when changing quantities on the plate for even faster logging.
  • On Android, using native navigation to exit the plate and the app will now require two taps in a sequence to prevent accidental exits.
  • Removed delete on hard swipe capability from swipeable tiles to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Aligned visual style of Standard vs. Legacy database selection with the new design system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visual inconsistency where ‘–g’ would be displayed on plate food tiles when grams were selected as a serving.
  • Fixed visual bug that caused search bar height to be small on certain devices.
  • Resolved undesirable barcode scanning behaviors for certain devices.
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