Version 1.3.0 Release Notes

Performance and Bug Fixes

  • Improved speed of barcode lookups for certain foods
  • Fixed issue that caused saving errors in offline mode

Food Logger Revamp: Early Preview

The Food Logger Revamp is now live in a Beta capacity. If you are of the adventurous variety, we invite you to become an early adopter of these systems. As a note, if you opt in, there will be no way for you to switch back to the previous systems.

To opt in, go to More/Settings and tap on Early Preview. Follow directions on the page.


  • Unified all food logging workflows
  • Enhanced all food logging workflows with a new visual style
  • Decreased the number of actions you need to take to log foods

Search & Logging Experience

  • Improved access to multi-add capability for food search
  • Added weight information to food tiles and search results
  • Food item names can now take up more than one line, improving readability of search results
  • Improved ergonomics for search by placing the search bar on the bottom
  • Macronutrients now display on search results and all new history items


  • Micronutrients are now displayed in line with the plate contents for quick reference
  • Redesigned hour/day picker for the plate

Food Detail View While Logging

  • Added percent macronutrient breakdown to the food detail view in the plate
  • Incorporated intermediary screen for individually logged foods to speed up data entry
  • Redesigned serving and quantity inputs to enable faster selection
  • We now allow you to use fractions to enter serving quantities, and these fractions will be automatically converted to decimal point numbers

Quick Add

  • Incorporated a manual method to apply Macro Calories
  • Added auto-conversion from kj to kcal

Recipes and Custom Food Views

  • Added ability to sort and filter custom foods and recipes
  • You can now multi add custom foods and recipes from their respective pages
  • You can now explode a recipe from the recipe’s page
  • Added ability to duplicate custom foods and recipes
  • You can now create and add custom foods and recipes to the plate in a single tap

Recipes Creation

  • Recipe page will now display nutritional information per serving for newly created recipes
  • Quick Add and AI Describe are now available for recipe creation
  • You can now nest recipes inside of other recipes
  • Added a workflow for specifying recipe prep & cooking times, description and steps of preparation

Custom Food Creation

  • You can now copy a food to custom from the intermediary screen before a food is added to your plate
  • Added the ability to add icons to custom foods
  • Added the ability to scan barcode for custom foods
  • You can now add a brand name to custom foods
  • Added auto-conversion to all standard units (g, oz, lb, ml, etc) for custom foods with weight and serving names that correspond to standard volume measurements
  • Micronutrient entry sections are now collapsible to speed up creation of custom foods
  • Added the ability to auto convert Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E from IU to their respective standard units during food creation


  • Transitioned AI Describe to use keyboard microphone with one tap
  • Added manual entry option for barcodes

Community Note

The release will gradually roll out to devices. It will take 1-7 days for the update to make it to everyone. On iOS, after 1 day, any user should be able to manually initiate the update from the App Store.

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