Version 1.2.9 Release Notes

Data Import & Export:

  • Added the ability to export calories, macronutrients, and supported micronutrients to Apple Health and Google Fit.
  • Apple Health and Google Fit integrations will now provide both, weight and body fat scale data, to MacroFactor.
  • Fixed conditional issue where spreadsheet export didn’t create the summary page.

Food Logger:

  • Fixed issue where Omega 6 for foods was misrepresented.
  • Changed vitamin A default unit to micrograms to reflect newer labeling standards.


  • Added new sign in and sign up method, passwordless email link.
  • Re-designed the sign in method selection page.
  • MacroFactor will now remember your email after you have signed out to enable quicker re-authentication for email/password sign up method.
  • Removed flash of white that occurred when opening in-app knowledge base links in dark mode.
  • Added one decimal of precision to scale body fat

Community Note

We are using a new form of update distribution, which will gradually roll out the update to devices. It will take 1-7 days for the update to make it to everyone. On iOS, after 1 day, any user should be able to manually initiate the update from the App Store.

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