Version 1.2.6 Release Notes

Standard Database

  • Optimistic volume serving selection expansion for branded products. This is already present for common foods in both the standard and legacy database, and already present for weight servings on branded products in the standard database.

Charting & Insights

  • Data labels now also show macronutrients in grams on the nutrition chart.
  • Tweened weight renamed and represented as a spline on the Weight Trend chart.
  • Improved axis formatting across the board.
  • All charts will now display a consistent initial time span of 1 week by default.
  • The 1 week time span now maps to macro plan weeks.
  • All chart pages will now display an average for all visible points. For example, if 7 days of Weight Trend data is in view, the chart subtitle will display the average for those 7 data points.
  • Chart titles now display a date range for all visible points.
  • You can now tap and hold charts to view trackball data labels that can be panned left/right across visible points.

Patches & Bug Fixes

  • Zero calorie days are no longer counted in the nutrition streak unless marked as a fasting day.
  • Logging nutrition in the future no longer has the potential to break the nutrition streak.
  • Kgs text now correctly reads kg.
  • Recipe builder now allows you to filter, view, and add non-recipe history items to your recipe from Latest and Go-Tos.


iPhone users may see an increase in perceived smoothness for interactions with the app like scrolling, animations, and transitions.

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