Version 1.2.0 Release Notes


  • Improved app performance across all device types.
  • Decreased Logo animation time for Splash page.

Integrations & Data

  • Added a summary report that includes trend weight and expenditure to the data export.
  • Resolved issue that caused Apple Health integration to disconnect when using an iPad
  • Added food logger page as a trigger for syncing data if no sync has occurred in the last 5 minutes


  • Added localized date formatting, based on device locale, for all areas of the app.
  • Added support for 24-hour time format for Food Logger timeline and plate hour selection.

Recommendations and Analytics:

  • Decreased the low end of goal rate selection for losing weight.
  • Improved the goal rate recommendation logic in order to provide better recommendations for individuals with higher body fat %.

Food Logger:

  • You can now copy individual foods to custom to edit and save those entries as your own.
  • You can now copy recipes to custom foods to use them in creation of new recipes.
  • Resolved the issue that caused certain barcode scanned items to need to be added twice to appear in the plate.
  • Resolved the issue that resulted in missing macronutrient information for certain barcode scanned foods.
  • Search now gracefully handles apostrophes.
  • Increased AI Describe listener duration on certain devices.
  • You can now add barcode numbers to Custom Foods so that the barcode scanner can return custom foods you associated with barcodes.
  • Resolved the issue that removed barcode association from custom foods after editing a custom food that was created as part of the barcode flow.
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