Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

Food Logger Upgrades:

  • You can now explode your recipes from the plate to edit quantities of the ingredients by swiping from right to left and tapping “Explode”. If you edit the number of servings for the recipe in the plate, ingredient quantities will be updated accordingly in the exploded state.
  • Plate and recipe search now allows you to multi-add search results and Go-To foods without exiting the search. To multi-add, swipe from right to left on any tile inside the search and tap “Multi-add.” Continue this process until you are ready to work with plate items and edit their quantities.
  • Foods inside hour buckets are now ordered by the time they are logged. An extension to this story will follow in subsequent releases.

Issue Resolutions & Minor Details:

  • Improved display of serving quantities and weight for foods inside the food logger timeline, recipe, plate, and search by removing trailing zeros from numbers.
  • Expanded the size of the AI Describe text box to simplify pasting of longer recipes for AI Describe parsing.
  • Quick Add from the plate will now take you directly to the plate and not the search.
  • Fiber misreporting for Quick Add foods has been addressed.
  • Addressed a potential root cause behind AI Describe foods not making it to the food log timeline after being logged from the plate.
  • Changes inside the plate detail view will be reflected on the plate summary banner.
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