Version 0.6.3 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Added hour level actions such as copy, delete, and drag.
  • Added day level actions such as collapse/un-collapse all and clear day
  • Replaced existing platform dialogs with a custom MacroFactor dialogs
  • Allowed punctuation and special characters inside recipe names.
  • Added tutorial for food swiping.
  • Changed description for AI Describe actions and added a hint dialog for users who have denied microphone permissions on first use
  • Image tinting added to recipe images for dark mode
  • Introduced copy changes throughout onboarding and program creation
  • Improved performance for history view inside the plate search
  • Replaced gray default error screen with a proper error screen
  • Dark mode snack bar was made more readable
  • Increased touch area for cancel and undo cancel for plate search
  • Added an instructional placeholder in the plate to communicate that a user can add more than 1 food per plate.
  • Improved resizing for tablets, although this story is incomplete.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where day level actions were hidden from view.
  • Removed auto-correct and capitalization for email field entry.
  • Onboarding now handles network failures if data was not saved prior to setting a goal.
  • Fixed a bug where decimals were allowed as the only input into number fields.


iOS releases take a little while longer than Android releases to get approved and published, but the release is on the way for both platforms!

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