Version 0.6.2 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Revamped the support experience for feature requests, bug reports, and questions. You can now access an interactive support portal by shaking your phone on any page of the app, or by tapping “Contact Us” in the settings/more menu.
  • Enabled Android users to use a back button on dashboard, food log and barcode screens. Back button on the main pages closes the app.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug where the nutrition tile would not show today’s nutrition if tomorrow’s food was logged.


All of the feedback we have received during this beta has been SO useful. THANK YOU! We believe that having a product roadmap that’s driven by the community is the best thing possible for our app.

After release, our app isn’t going stale, we are going to continue diligently pursing: user experience improvements, performance enhancements, algorithm refinements, and new features that will delight! Clearing up pesky bugs along the way of course.

This in-app support feature is something we’re trying in order to enhance our ability to stay community driven once we have more users, and allow us to resolve issues as fast as possible. No re-captcha required, ha ha, try it out, 🙂

When activated through the contact us page, it currently takes an automatic screenshot (which is intended for bug reporting through shaking the device only), this behavior will be fixed in a future update, please ignore.

iOS releases take a little while longer than Android releases to get approved and published, but the release is on the way for both platforms!

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