Version 0.4.9 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Food names now dynamically adjust in size such that longer food names can be easily seen in the food logger timeline and search.
  • When there is no internet connectivity, pages relying on moment-in-time network connectivity will now serve a warning.
  • History search results have been enhanced; search strictness and priority ranking were improved.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug has been fixed where iOS users who are in a region where commas are used to separate decimal numbers could not enter numerical values with adequate precision.
  • The quantity field used when creating a custom food will no longer require a 0 be typed before entering a decimal number.
  • The loading element backsplash for the food logger is now the correct shade in dark mode.
  • A bug has been patched where users were unable to go directly into the app after purchasing a subscription on iOS.
  • A bug has been patched where history search results would not surface when performing a food search from a filtered tab (custom, branded, and common).


iOS releases take a little while longer than Android releases to get approved and published, but the release is on the way for both platforms!

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