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Feature: Recipe Sharing

Earlier this month, we rolled out one of the most highly requested features: Recipe sharing!

You can now share Custom Foods and Recipes with other MacroFactor users in whatever way is most convenient for you (text, email, Airdrop, messenger, etc.).

MacroFactor preserves and shares a user’s ingredients list, preparation steps, and all other information about your recipe. The user who receives a recipe in MacroFactor can then choose to log the recipe right to their food timeline, save the recipe as one of their own for future cooking and logging, or both.

How to get the newest version of the app: If you have app updates turned on, you will get the newest version automatically. If you want to manually update the app, you can find instructions for iPhone here and instructions for Android here.

Case Study: How Lane Kept the Weight Off with MacroFactor

We’ve previously published case studies of folks who’ve used MacroFactor to lose weight and lean bulk. This month, we published our first maintenance case study.

After losing 30 pounds, Lane Foulks – a 42-year-old Navy electrical engineer, father of three, and strength enthusiast – used MacroFactor to sustain his weight loss for the first time in his life.

“I’ve successfully lost weight a couple of times in my life, but always regained the weight,” Lane said. “Since tracking, I’ve been able to hold off any regain of weight. The extended maintenance periods have allowed me to develop good habits and I believe allowed my body to get used to being at my current desired weight.”

Read Lane’s full case study here.

Article: MacroFactor vs MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal recently placed their barcode scanning feature behind a paywall. As a result, many former MFP users are searching for alternatives.

Greg wrote this article comparing MacroFactor and MyFitnessPal head to head.

We know this article is probably preaching to the choir for y’all, but if you’re interested in learning more about our feature set and philosophy (or if you know of a friend who is searching for a new macro tracking app), it might be of interest.

MacroFactor Memo

A note from the MacroFactor team:

Today is Halloween (in certain countries), which means many of you will be surrounded by enormous piles of candy for the next week or two. In addition, our American MFers have Thanksgiving right around the corner, along with the feasts that come with it.

First and foremost, the MacroFactor team wants to send good holiday vibes to all who will be celebrating. Since these are very food-centric holidays, we also wanted to provide a friendly reminder about our article covering cheat meals and planned hedonic deviations.

Food-focused holidays can be stressful. Some diet-conscious individuals may feel pressured to deviate from their typical eating patterns or mirror the eating behaviors of their friends and family. Others may feel torn between their desire to hit their typical diet targets and their desire to relax and fully enjoy the festivities. Flexible cognitive restraint is a powerful tool for promoting long-term dietary success and enjoyment, so don’t hold yourself to excessively rigid guidelines throughout the holidays. Also, try not to let expectations or pressures from others independently dictate your eating habits – it’s important to incorporate a level of flexibility that suits your own personal goals and preferences.

Finally, remember that it takes well over 9,000 extra kilocalories to store a kilogram of fat mass. So, a few planned hedonic deviations around the holiday season aren’t going to derail your dietary efforts. In the long run, they’ll be totally inconsequential.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing some extra flexibility in your tracking habits or macronutrient targets every now and then, and this is particularly pertinent when holidays come around. In fact, if you want to make logging really easy on Thanksgiving, here’s a tip: if you use AI describe and say the words “Thanksgiving Dinner,” the MacroFactor database returns a pretty representative estimate of a typical Thanksgiving meal, which you can add straight to your food log.

With exceptional handling of missing data and an adherence-neutral algorithm, MacroFactor was specifically designed to accommodate the data variance that holidays invite. You live your life, and MacroFactor adapts to provide support every step of the way – that’s why we call it your Diet Sidekick. With this in mind, the MacroFactor team wishes you a very happy, stress-free Halloween and Thanksgiving!

What We’re Working On

Our team is hard at work on new content, as well as new features and enhancements to improve the app.

  • Comprehensive article about expenditure. Greg is working on an in-depth article on all things related to energy expenditure. It will include a deep dive on determinants of energy expenditure, how expenditure is calculated in MacroFactor, and how you can use that information to reach your goals and get the most out of the app.
  • Quick actions from icons. With this feature, you’ll be able to long-press on the MacroFactor icon on your phone and perform quick actions to search for a food, scan a barcode, or add your weight.
  • Icon styling. The MacroFactor app icon will soon be compatible with Material You theming on Android devices.
  • Roadmap and feature request portal improvements. We’ve redesigned our roadmap website to be more user-friendly. In addition, you can now access the roadmap and feature request portal directly from the app.

As always, you can also check our public roadmap to see our short- to medium-term plans for new features and improvements. You can also submit features for consideration and vote on the upcoming features that are the highest priority to you.

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