MacroFactor’s food logger revamp, website, and KB

What’s new?

MacroFactor is rolling out the fastest food logging workflows on the market

We have started rolling out MacroFactor’s food logger revamp, and we’re proud to announce that our team has designed the fastest food logging workflows on the market.

This is not a cheeky marketing slogan: We analyzed 20 food loggers, including all market leaders, so that we could guarantee a quantifiably faster food logging experience, and now we are excited to share this new experience with you.

MacroFactor’s food logger revolves around the idea of a Plate with an integrated set of tools for designing your meals. 

With MacroFactor’s new food logger, you get more power, more insights, more customization options, and dozens of new features – all within the fastest and most intuitive food logging system to date. We know you’re going to love it. 

You can see the full release notes here, or read the announcement article: MacroFactor is Rolling out the Fastest Food Logging Workflows on the Market.

How to get the newest version of the app:

The new version of the app will be gradually rolled out over the next week or so.

If you have app updates turned on, you will get the newest version automatically. If you want to manually update the app, you can find instructions for iPhone here and instructions for Android here.

Once you have version 1.3.5 or higher, you will see an introduction to the new food logging system when you launch the app, with the option to switch over.

If you opt in, you will be switched over to the new system with the “optimize for context” logging style enabled by default. This will make your experience very similar to the original plate-based system you are coming from.

If you wish to take advantage of our most efficient logging workflows, you can change your food logging style preference to “optimize for speed” in settings.

You can choose to stay with the legacy food logger for now, but henceforth, all innovation and new features will be done in the context of the new food logger.

A new website for MacroFactor content

Up to this point, information about MacroFactor has mostly lived on 

But now, MacroFactor has a web home of its own:!

Our new website contains brand new articles from the team, all past release notes, an archive of past editions of this MacroFactor Monthly newsletter, and more. 

We’ve worked hard to make the new site a useful resource for both current users like you and for folks who aren’t currently using the app but are curious to learn more. 

We hope you’ll check it out and help us spread the word. 

A new, improved version of our Knowledge Base website  

In addition to the new website, we ALSO launched a re-designed and re-organized version of our Knowledge Base

Notable upgrades in the new Knowledge Base include: 

Explore the new Knowledge Base website here

What’s noteworthy? 

The new website is home to a few brand new articles we think you’ll enjoy. 

The Problems with Calorie Counting

Greg Nuckols’s new article breaks down the problems and challenges with common calorie counting strategies, and ends with a description of how we addressed those challenges to create a best-of-all-worlds approach to calorie counting in MacroFactor. 

Read the article.

What is the Fastest Food Logger? We Designed a System to Find Out

Cory Davis’s new article breaks down the system we created to quantify food logging speed in MacroFactor and 20 other similar apps, and demonstrates replicable use cases that confirm MacroFactor’s top spot as the fastest food logger on the market. 

Read the article.

What’s next? 

We’ve been focusing on this huge food logger revamp for the past several months. Now that it’s finished, we are taking a step back to evaluate what we should focus on next.

We can give you one little sneak peek for a future feature, though…

We’re cooking up some exciting improvements to the MacroFactor expenditure algorithm!

In general, there are two potential downsides to any method of calculating energy expenditure from weight and nutrition data: responding too slowly to actual changes in energy expenditure that occur, and over-reacting to shifts in water weight that aren’t truly indicative of changes in energy expenditure. 

We’re working on a system that should further improve things on both fronts. The new expenditure algorithm will start picking up on changes sooner, but will also be less likely to make sizable swings due to shorter-term weight perturbations. 

We’re still testing and fine-tuning this new algorithm, but we’re hoping to have it ready for you in the next month or so. 

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