Food logging engines just got a lot speedier

New and Noteworthy

Features: Infrastructure updates and faster food logging

MacroFactor already has the fastest food logging workflows on the market.

With our latest under-the-hood update, MacroFactor’s food logging “engines” just got a lot speedier too.

  • Barcode scanning is now at least four times faster, and results for foods you search will be delivered faster.
  • We expanded regional deployment of servers. Basically, this means your search can ping a server that’s closer to home for you, resulting in faster food logging.

In addition to speed and performance upgrades, this new version introduces a new utility for logging: the ability to do an exact match query using double quotes.

  • Much like you can do in a Google search, you can now search for something like “banana smoothie,” and MacroFactor will only surface results with those two words in that exact order you specified (so something like “banana strawberry smoothie” wouldn’t surface). This will make it easier to find the exact item you’re searching for.

​How to get the newest version of the app: If you have app updates turned on, you will get the newest version automatically. If you want to manually update the app, you can find instructions for iPhone here and instructions for Android here.

Article: Are Refeeds and Diet Breaks All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

If you consume a lot of fitness content, you’ve probably heard of refeeds and diet breaks. Some people suggest that these strategies are complete game changers for dieters with fat loss goals, while others say they’re useless.

In this new article and video on, we dive into the research to see if refeeds and diet breaks are worth pursuing.

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Are Refeeds and Diet Breaks All They’re Cracked Up To Be?
Are Refeeds and Diet Breaks All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

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What We’re Working On

Features: We’re excited to share a sneak peek at a new widget that’ll display in MacroFactor’s top dashboard carousel.

MacroFactor's Food Log Focus widget on the dashboard

The widget is great for people who log foods directly from their dashboard or who want a focused view of their day. You can quickly view Calories and macronutrients consumed or remaining with a large, beautiful display.

This feature will be available soon! To be the first to know about new features, make sure you’re connected in our Facebook group or subreddit communities.

Want to learn more? Check our public roadmap to see our plans for new features and improvements. You can also submit features for consideration and vote on the upcoming features that are the highest priority to you.

Articles: We also will have more new articles and videos on in the next few weeks: one on MacroFactor’s protein recommendations and tips for hitting your daily protein target, and one on managing hunger. We see lots of discussion about these topics in our communities, and are excited to share these dedicated articles addressing your questions.

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