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Food Timeline Revamp

After over 500 feedback submissions, 11 cycles of design, and a 1400-participant beta, we released Timeline 2.0 this month. It’s an enhanced timeline-based food log that maximizes meal planning utilities while minimizing decision fatigue for quick logging.

MacroFactor’s new food timeline has a new look, powerful tools for meal planners, enhanced timeline interactions, and at-a-glance summaries for the fastest, most comfortable food logging experience yet.

As with all revamps, we published an announcement article on the website breaking down everything you need to know about the new design and new features. In the article, you’ll learn how MacroFactor’s unique timeline features will make tracking macros easier and faster than ever before, and see these beautiful new features and interfaces in action.

MacroFactor Advances Macro Tracking with its Timeline-Based Food Log
MacroFactor Advances Macro Tracking with its Timeline-Based Food Log

Read the announcement article

If you still have questions about the new food timeline, check out Greg’s mega-threads in our communities on Facebook and Reddit.

In these threads, the team answered user questions, and Greg also linked some screenshare videos with super helpful explanations and instructions for performing common functions in the new timeline.

Log Notes

You can now create notes about your day right from the Food Log!

Log Notes in MacroFactor

This feature is flexible and can be used to note anything at all, but we think it’ll be especially useful for noting things like satiety, impact of your nutrition on your workout or how you felt that day, and reminders to yourself about circumstances surrounding a day of eating.

​How to get the newest version of the app: If you have app updates turned on, you will get the newest version automatically. If you want to manually update the app, you can find instructions for iPhone here and instructions for Android here.

New Content

New in-depth article

Learn how to cultivate and sustain motivation, and implement the behavior changes needed to reach your goals.

This article will not give you the newest food-focused “quick fix” to kickstart your next short-term diet. Rather, it will discuss evidence-based tips for leveraging key concepts of motivation and behavior change to fuel your long-term success, while also mentioning how MacroFactor can provide support along the way. Read this new article by Eric to learn more.

Accomplishing goals through sustainable behavior change
Accomplishing Goals Through Sustainable Behavior Change

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New case study

Kurt Pollack, 29, used MacroFactor to lose 32 pounds (while adding 40 pounds to his bench press!).

For Kurt, MacroFactor’s easy food logging, dynamic expenditure and weight trend calculations, and smart coaching algorithms took the stress and guesswork out of macro tracking and led to huge physical and psychological wins.

“The biggest win is just getting back to a point where I’m really happy with my body,” Kurt said. Read Kurt’s full story in the new case study.

How Kurt Used MacroFactor to Lose 32lb and Take the Stress Out of Macro Tracking
How Kurt Used MacroFactor to Lose 32lb and Take the Stress Out of Macro Tracking

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New video

Most diets fail over the long term. Most people who lose weight aren’t able to keep it off for any longer than a few weeks or months.

So how do you get and stay lean? That’s the subject of our friend Jeff Nippard’s new video. Greg and Eric helped shape the content in this video, and we’re all really happy with how it turned out. Like all of Jeff’s videos, it’s a smart yet easy-to-understand breakdown that completely demystifies a nuanced topic.

How To Get Lean & STAY Lean Forever (Using Science)
How To Get Lean & STAY Lean Forever (Using Science)

Watch the video

New blog article

In recent years, mindful eating has become increasingly popular. In many cases, it is discussed or presented as a strategy that is inherently linked, or even synonymous, with intuitive eating. In other cases, it is framed as being an alternative to structured diets or macro tracking. So, what’s the deal with mindful eating? Read this new article by Eric to learn more.

Can Mindful Eating and Macro Tracking Co-Exist?
Can Mindful Eating and Macro Tracking Co-Exist?

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What We’re Working On

Over the last year, we’ve launched several complete revamps within the app: the fully reimagined food logger and macro tracker, a new modern dashboard and strategy interface, and – most recently – the enhanced timeline-based food log. These revamps have come with a lot of new features and functionality, but they’ve also come with a lot of change.

The most recent timeline revamp completes our efforts to bring the app in line with the new design system introduced last spring with the food logger update.

The core functions of the app are now locked in, so we can focus more directly on adding entirely new feature sets.

As part of that, we’ll be spending the next month or so doing foundational work to improve the app’s performance and make your experience using the app even smoother.

With that solid foundation, we’ll be able to confidently expand into new, exciting horizons that we’re sure you’ll love (such as expanding micronutrient features and analytics).

Want to learn more? Check our public roadmap to see our short- to medium-term plans for new features and improvements. You can also submit features for consideration and vote on the upcoming features that are the highest priority to you.

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