More options for goal completion

What’s new?

This month, we released Version 1.2.8 of the app. You can see the full release notes in the Facebook group here, but we do want to call your attention to one particularly exciting new feature:

Weight loss/gain goals now allow you to delay the goal completion until your weight trend reaches your target weight.

MacroFactor’s Weight Trend calculation highlights meaningful changes in weight, free from large swings due to transient weight fluctuations related to total body water and gastrointestinal contents, and other factors.

Previously, MacroFactor determined the completion of a goal by scale weight, but now you have the option to wait for your trend weight to match your goal. When your goal is reached using scale weight, the confetti screen will give you the option of continuing until your goal is reached using trend weight.

How to get the newest version of the app:

If you have automatic app updates turned on, you probably already have the newest version of MacroFactor!

However, if you want to manually update the app, you can find instructions for iPhone here and instructions for Android here.

What’s noteworthy?

Recommended Knowledge Base article:

We’re often asked how to implement reverse dieting, refeeds, diet breaks, and carb cycling in MacroFactor.

A pair of articles on the Knowledge Base website briefly break down the science behind these strategies, MacroFactor’s approach to them, and how to implement them within the app.

​Refeeds, diet breaks, and carb cycling​

​Reverse dieting​

Recommended Stronger By Science content:

In a recent episode of the Stronger By Science Podcast, Eric Trexler reviewed the research on how energy balance influences compensation for calories burned during exercise.

Energy compensation is a nuanced topic. When one person burns an extra 100 calories via exercise, their total daily energy expenditure may increase by a full 100 calories. However, another person in the same scenario may only increase their total daily energy expenditure by 40 calories, due to compensatory reductions in other components of daily energy expenditure. Furthermore, the variation within a single individual can be quite large as well. Namely, energy compensation during a period of active weight loss tends to be larger than energy compensation when you’re weight-stable or gaining weight. Even if you get your “energy compensation equation” fully solved at a given point in time, that solution is temporary because the factors at play are transient and constantly fluctuating.

This is one of the reasons it’s so useful to have a running energy expenditure estimate –– which, of course, is one of the main features in MacroFactor.

​You can watch the segment from the podcast on YouTube here.

Recommended threads from the communities:

Introducing Adam Fisher:

As of March 1, we’re excited to welcome Adam Fisher to the MacroFactor team.

Adam has long been part of the Stronger By Science extended universe as a coach and customer support pro.

Now, Adam will be bringing his skills to MacroFactor to help with customer and technical support in the MacroFactor inbox and communities, product management, and quality assurance.

You may have already seen Adam in the MacroFactor communities, or talked with him if you’ve ever emailed the SBS support address, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of him now!

What’s next?

Google Fit and Apple Health export functions

The goal completion based on weight trend feature (mentioned above) and the weekly average nutrition feature (that we introduced last month) were two of the most-requested features from users.

In addition to these two features, we often get requests for Google Fit and Apple Health export functions. We’re excited to say that this feature is in progress and will be coming soon, as well.

At that point, we’ll have delivered the three top requested features – all within the first 6 months.

You can see other features that are currently in progress on our public roadmap here.

New food logger update

Last month, we mentioned that we were working on a huge overhaul of the MacroFactor food logging experience. Here are some previews of how it’s shaping up:

As we prepare to introduce the new food logging system, we want to remind you to switch the new food database (if you haven’t done so yet).

To try the new database, you can opt into the beta via the Food Logger settings.

Note: While this database is technically still in beta, it’s robust and ready to use. Thousands of users have already successfully switched to this database and are enjoying its speed, increased serving size options, and larger number of both branded and common food entries.

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