Our dashboard revamp beta is rolling out now

What’s new?

Beta for our dashboard revamp

Our beautiful and functional dashboard revamp beta is rolling out now!

We’ve started rolling out a new release of the app that includes the option to opt in to a new beta experience.

Over the last several months, we’ve been working on a revamped version of the dashboard. This revamp upgrades more than just the dashboard page, though. All pages that you arrive at from the dashboard, app navigation, and settings will also be upgraded!

You’ll also find some new, highly requested features.

Here are all of the sneak peek images we’ve released thus far:

If you’d like to participate in the beta, you can learn more and plug into the discussion in our posts in the Facebook group and subreddit.

  • Important note: This is a beta, so you may encounter some bugs. But, more certainly, minor-to-moderate aspects of the experience will change before the dashboard revamp comes out of beta. Some of the changes will be from the plans we already have and are still working on, and some will be refinements based on feedback we receive during the beta.

If you’d rather wait until the revamp is dialed in and out of beta, that’s cool too! We’ll give you an update in next month’s MacroFactor Monthly.

Collaborative program locks will now save

We released another highly requested feature this month: Collaborative program locks will now save and persist.

When editing a Collaborative macro program, you can lock any day so the target numbers won’t change based on other edits. With this update, those locks will now save and persist for the next time you come back to edit the program.

For example, if you lock Monday and Tuesday’s calories and save the program, those locks will still be in place the next time you come to edit the program.

How to get the newest version of the app:

If you have app updates turned on, you will get the newest version automatically. If you want to manually update the app, you can find instructions for iPhone here and instructions for Android here.

What’s noteworthy?

We also had a busy month over on! We published three new articles this month. 

New article

First, Greg wrote an excellent new article about body composition assessments.

In the article, he discusses why individual-level body composition assessments are far less useful than most people realize and, by extension, why body composition data is used sparingly in MacroFactor.

Read the article here.

Our first MacroFactor user case studies!

Over the last month, we’ve published our first ever MacroFactor user case study articles!

Now that MacroFactor has been on the market for almost a year, we’re hearing from more and more users who have completed multi-month goal journeys entirely in the app, and we’re excited to start sharing their stories with you!

We’re opting for the case study format instead of simple before-and-afters because we think that the results someone achieved are ultimately less useful and informative than learning HOW someone achieved their results and how they felt along the way.

For these first two case studies, we chose one weight loss success story, and one weight gain success story.

How Simone Lost 50lbs and Cultivated a Healthier Relationship with Food Using MacroFactor
Simone case study

Simone Christen, 29, used MacroFactor to reach her weight loss goal while maintaining muscle mass and still eating the foods she loves.

Read Simone’s case study

How Adam Completed His First Successful Lean Bulk with MacroFactor
Adam case study

Adam Tripp, 48, used MacroFactor to reach his lean bulk goal while overcoming his fear of seeing the number on the scale go up. Read this case study to learn more about how he set up his diet in the app and his advice for people with similar goals.

Read Adam’s case study

What’s next?

We’ve been focusing on this huge dashboard and design revamp for the past several months. Now that it’s finished, we are taking a step back to evaluate what we should focus on next.

As we’ve mentioned before, the new designs will enable us to scale the app to new screen sizes, so we’ll likely be getting to work on desktop and tablet versions of the app soon.

Additionally, MacroFactor’s one-year anniversary is coming up in mid-September. That means a few things for you.

First, we’re planning to publish an “Annual Report,” which will be like one of these MacroFactor Monthly updates cranked up to 11. It’ll include a review of everything we’ve added to the app in the first year as well as an official update on what you can expect from us in the coming months.

Second, we’ll have some fun anniversary-related activities planned, such as exclusive MF merch giveaways and some crossovers with the Stronger By Science podcast (maybe even another live Q&A podcast recording with Greg and Eric?!).

And one last thing: This first anniversary has us feeling extra grateful for y’all. There would be no MacroFactor without your support, and we take that extremely seriously. Thank you. We’re excited to keep working to make this the best app it can be.

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