How Lane Kept the Weight Off With MacroFactor

How Lane Kept the Weight Off With MacroFactor

After losing 30lb, Lane Foulks, 42, used MacroFactor to sustain his weight loss and develop the habits necessary for long-term success.

After losing 30 pounds, Lane Foulks – a 42-year-old Navy electrical engineer, father of three, and strength enthusiast – used MacroFactor to sustain his weight loss for the first time in his life.

“I’ve successfully lost weight a couple of times in my life, but always regained the weight,” Lane said. “Since tracking, I’ve been able to hold off any regain of weight. The extended maintenance periods have allowed me to develop good habits and I believe allowed my body to get used to being at my current desired weight.”

When Lane started using MacroFactor in September 2021, he’d recently completed a successful 30 pound weight cut and was in the middle of a maintenance phase. He’d previously been using another app for food logging, but he had to manually export his data and perform his own analyses to calculate his maintenance calories and trend weight. 

When he switched to MacroFactor, he realized that he no longer would need to perform those analyses manually; MacroFactor did all the heavy lifting for him now. 

“The app had such a slick interface and it already did the analysis I was doing manually, which I loved!” he said. “The provided Weight and Expenditure Trends are my favorite tools.”

Lane's Weight Trend and Expenditure graphs in MacroFactor

In addition to MacroFactor’s data analysis and insights, Lane also enjoys the adherence-neutral philosophy. He doesn’t have to eat like a robot or perfectly adhere to his macro targets in order to get his weekly coaching check-in and an appropriate calorie adjustment.

“Since I’m primarily in maintenance, I don’t stress too much at hitting my targets. Since I’m provided with accurate maintenance calories, and trend weight, I can make decent choices.”

MacroFactor’s suggested macro targets and Weight Trend and Expenditure data give him all the information he needs to reach his goals, without shaming him or forcing his hand. 

“MacroFactor doesn’t care whether I’m hitting targets or not, it just gives me information. It is a tool, and is not judgmental,” he said. “It just gives me information, and I make choices.”

Lane shared a few details on how he uses MacroFactor’s nutrition coaching and food logging tools. 

  • He uses the Coached Program and chooses a macro split that is low in fat and high in protein and carbohydrate. 
  • He stores the meals he eats often as recipes, and uses the “explode recipe” feature to adjust weights and serving sizes as necessary for that particular meal. 
  • He and his wife can easily create new custom recipes in the app for new meals they cook and eat together. 

He also reflected on what he’s learned during his maintenance phase and gave some advice for users who have a similar goal. 

“If you are in maintenance for a long period, I would recommend trying to not be too perfectionist with the targets,” Lane said. “If you are someone who must weigh everything, and have fear of eating out or at other people’s homes because the food/amount isn’t known, this is time to break away from that.”

“This is your time to build habits with the help of MacroFactor. Being able to maintain your weight is a long-term goal,” he added.

Lane is continuing to focus on maintaining his weight loss for now, but he has plans to use MacroFactor to help with another small cut, then a slow, lean bulk. 

“Long term, I would like to have built the habits and skills necessary to maintain my weight without feeling the need to track at all,” he said. “MacroFactor has helped me start to build those skills.”

If you’d like to connect with Lane and follow his training, you can find him on Instagram.

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