Brand Guidelines

Logo and Brand Mark Images

Include a MacroFactor logo or brand mark in all digital or printed marketing communication as a clear call to action and brand identifier.

The preferred logo is this black, rounded standard logo.

MacroFactor preferred logo is black and round

Other logos and brand marks

The rounded logo above is our preference, but you may optionally use the standalone M logo shown below, as well.

MacroFactor's brand mark M

Or, you may want to use a brand mark that includes the full MacroFactor name. For that, use the logo below.

MacroFactor's full name and logo

Logo and Brand Mark Usage

If you include a MacroFactor logo or brand mark in a piece of content, use just one logo or brand mark per design or video. Please place the logo in a subordinate position to the main art, graphic, or text (such as in the top left corner).

Do not modify, angle, stretch, or animate the logo or brand mark.

Use only the logos and brand marks provided in these guidelines.

Marketing Images

Pre-made image usage

The MacroFactor affiliates folder contains all of the approved marketing images.

That folder includes many ready-to-post graphics, including options sized for both social feed posts and story posts.

Guidelines for your own designs

If you choose to use the transparent app images with your own design OR share your own screenshot-style images from within your MacroFactor account, please follow a few basic guidelines:

  • If possible, use the font “DM Sans” for any text in your design. If that font is not available in your design tool, use a basic sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial.
  • Match the colors in your design to the colors in the app image that you use. Avoid clashing color schemes. When in doubt, use white, black, or light grey.
  • Do not modify the images with reflections, shadows, highlights, filters, etc. Do not crop or obstruct any substantive part of the images.
  • Maintain proper proportions (i.e., do not stretch or compress the image in any way).
  • Use images at a size that is clearly legible at the image resolution provided.

Custom photography and video

Custom photography and videos of the app are allowed and encouraged! Show yourself or others interacting with the app in an authentic way, and feature the app in a realistic manner, exactly as a user will experience it.

Messaging and writing style

Product name

MacroFactor is stylized as one word with a capital M and capital F. All-lowercase styling (”macrofactor”) is okay within pre-made or approved images, but the preferred styling is “MacroFactor.”

Correct: MacroFactor

Incorrect: Macrofactor, Macro factor, Macro Factor

Association with MacroFactor

Do not misrepresent your association with MacroFactor. In any marketing copy, please refer to yourself as a “Referral Partner” or “Affiliate” (or similar term with the same connotation that would resonate with your audience) of MacroFactor, solely in connection with your promotion of the app. Do not imply that you are an owner, employee, or investor in MacroFactor.

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