MacroFactor Affiliate Application

Thank you for your interest in being a MacroFactor affiliate! You can find the application form here, but first, two important bits of information about our affiliate program:

First, we are only interested in partnering with people who already use and like MacroFactor.

Our general philosophy around affiliate programs is that they are ethical and mutually beneficial when folks can receive compensation for recommending a product they’d already be comfortable recommending in the absence of any financial interest. We don’t want to partner with folks who are just interested in seeking out affiliate programs to join, regardless of whether or not they actually believe in the product they’re promoting.

Second, our affiliate program is primarily intended for athletes or content creators who intend to promote the app to their medium-to-large audience.

This is not intended to be a peer-to-peer referral program for folks who’d primarily like to receive a discount for recommending the app to their family or friends, nor is it primarily intended for fitness or nutrition coaches who’d like to recommend the app to a handful of clients. Because MacroFactor is a privacy-focused app, we can’t administer our affiliate program fully using off-the-shelf software solutions (like those offered by ShareASale, ClickBank, or similar affiliate software), because they all require a level of user tracking that would violate our privacy policy. So, managing each affiliate account requires hands-on effort from our team. For that reason, we unfortunately have to limit the number of partners we work with.

In the interest of transparency, we’re certainly not expecting every MacroFactor affiliate to make 10,000 sales, but we need to see that you have an audience that’s likely to support at least 50-100 sales per year in order to justify the administrative work on our end (and, frankly, to ensure that the payoff is worthwhile on your end as well).

Roughly defining “medium-to-large audience”:

If you meet any of these criteria, fill out the form below, and you’re probably in:

  • 10,000+ Instagram followers
  • 5,000+ YouTube subscribers
  • 5,000+ subscribers to an email newsletter
  • 20,000+ TikTok followers
  • 10,000+ monthly podcast downloads
  • 20,000+ Twitter followers

We understand that audience size doesn’t scale 1:1 with engagement, but in our experience with the affiliate program thus far, affiliates with audiences exceeding these cutoffs have the potential to do quite well, while affiliates below these cutoffs tend to struggle. However, if you excel in some other domain that’s not easily measurable in terms of audience size, or you have a particularly engaged or rapidly growing audience, we’d still be happy to review your application. Ultimately, our goal isn’t to weed people out – our goal is to ensure that everyone we accept into the affiliate program is set up for success.

The basic details of MacroFactor’s affiliate program

When a new user signs up to MacroFactor, they’ll have the opportunity to enter an affiliate code, which will extend their free trial from 7 days to 14 days. If they complete the free trial and become a paying user, that counts as a conversion for you, and you’ll be paid a cash value equal to 40% of the user’s first payment: $4.80 for a new monthly user, $19.20 for a new six-month user, and $28.80 for a new yearly user.

We pay affiliates through PayPal, on the first of the month following a conversion.

Why MacroFactor’s affiliate program might make sense for you

Starting with the dollars and cents: Our affiliate program is a great deal for our partners. Our payment structure is pretty standard for nutrition apps with affiliate programs: Most pay out 35-40% of a user’s first purchase. However, in most cases, the user would use your affiliate code to get some sort of perk when downloading the free version of an app, and you’d only get paid if they upgraded to the premium version of the app. Most users of freemium apps stick with the free version of the app, so you just end up making a ton of referrals, and not very many conversions. But, since MacroFactor is a premium-only app, most of the referrals you make in our affiliate program will actually result in conversions. So, MacroFactor’s affiliate program ends up being quite a bit more lucrative than the affiliate programs of most other nutrition apps.

We provide our affiliates with plenty of image assets and selling points to make it easier to craft a pitch or promotion.

The MacroFactor affiliate program provides you with an additional revenue stream that’s exceptionally easy to integrate into your business. You certainly can make in-depth content about food logging that heavily features and hard-pitches the app, but it’s also extremely easy to briefly mention MacroFactor and give it a quick plug when you’re making and sharing any other content related to nutrition, dieting, bulking, food logging, developing healthy habits, etc. It’s also unlikely to conflict or compete with the most popular types of affiliate programs and brand partnerships in the fitness industry (apparel, supplements, exercise equipment, etc.).

MacroFactor is a well-respected brand, so you’re unlikely to take any heat from your audience for partnering with us. We have a great reputation for a reason: It’s something we value, and we have a strong track record of behaving ethically, treating our users well, and following the science.

We pay out consistently, on time, every month. We’ve certainly heard horror stories of affiliate programs and brand partners shafting creators – you won’t find any of that here. You can ask any of our current affiliates about their experiences working with us; we have a flawless track record of always paying the entirety of what our affiliates are owed, promptly and professionally. We hate that we even have to mention this, but given the frequency with which we hear horror stories of incomplete payments, payments being delayed by months, and creators being taken advantage of by brand partners, we thought it was worth mentioning.

A final note for trainers and coaches

We have some exciting plans in store for you. We can’t share details yet, but it will suit your needs (and your clients’ needs) much better than the affiliate program would. Fill out this form, and you’ll be the first to know the details of our plans for coaches, once there are details we can share.

A final note for people interested in a peer-to-peer referral program

We’re certainly interested in implementing a referral program, but the logistics are challenging for a number of reasons. The biggest issue is that we take privacy extremely seriously, and off-the-shelf software commonly used for implementing referral programs typically involves data collection exceeding the guarantees we’ve made to our users. If we do implement a referral program, folks in our Facebook group and subreddit will be the first to know.

Apply here to be a MacroFactor Affiliate

If you’ve read the text above and think you’d be a good fit for the MacroFactor Affiliate Program, please fill out the short application form on this page. Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to reviewing your application.

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