Confidently control your nutrition

with the macro tracker that adapts to your metabolism

"the best paid diet app."

"the top nutrition tracking app"


Lose weight, gain muscle, maintain results

Smart nutrition coach adapts to your metabolism

MacroFactor uses a dynamic algorithm to adapt to changes in your metabolism and personalize your macro plan to keep you on track.

Fastest food logger on the market

MacroFactor has the fastest food logging workflows on the market. Logging a food takes fewer taps in MacroFactor than in any other app, and all foods have been verified for accuracy.

Evidence-based recommendations

MacroFactor's algorithms and recommendations are based on proven nutrition and behavioral science.

The product press

MacroFactor Advances Macro Tracking with its Timeline-Based Food Log

MacroFactor just released an enhanced timeline-based food log that maximizes meal planning utilities while minimizing decision fatigue for quick logging. By the end of this announcement, you’ll learn how MacroFactor’s unique timeline features will make tracking macros easier and faster than ever before.

The MacroFactor Annual Report: 2022

In this inaugural Annual Report, we reflect on the improvements made to MacroFactor in its first year, and provide a sneak peek at the development we’re planning for Year 2 and beyond.

Why You Should Consider Ditching MyFitnessPal for MacroFactor

MacroFactor’s hyper-efficient food logging workflows and weekly nutrition adjustments set it apart from MyFitnessPal. But what does MyFitnessPal offer that MacroFactor doesn’t? In this article, we compare MacroFactor vs MyFitnessPal head to head.

MacroFactor Monthly

On the last Monday of each month, we send a digest of what’s new, what’s noteworthy, and what’s next for MacroFactor.


The MacroFactor Knowledge Base contains helpful how-tos, answers to FAQs, and explanations of the app's unique features.


The MacroFactor public roadmap shows our plans for new features and improvements. We welcome your feature requests here too!


The MacroFactor groups are a great place to ask and answer questions and connect with a likeminded and supportive community.

Reach your diet goals with MacroFactor

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